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So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I was eight months pregnant. Well, I am no longer pregnant, as our little fellow Milo joined us the first of September.

I thought I’d talk a bit about why we liked the name Milo.

First off: The Descendents.

Secondly: Milo Baughman.

Third: I could not stop eating apples during pregnancy. (A bit of a stretch, but…)

Fourth: We just really dug the name. It’s not abnormal, it’s easy to spell, but it’s also ranked 330th. Not too out there, but not too normal. Plus, it was the only name that neither of us could get out of our heads, and it goes well with our last name (a pretty typical last name that begins with M. I dig alliteration.)

Fifth: We liked the meaning…or lack thereof (uncertain on most sites when you look it up). It means a lot of things. Merciful, Mild, Peaceful, Calm, Soldier, etc. Also is a chocolate malt beverage in Australia, and the Hawaiian word for Hawaiian Hibiscus.

Sixth: It has literary (The Phantom Tollbooth, Catch 22) references.

Seventh: It has art history.

Venus de Milo on display at the  Louvre

So there you go. It has literary, musical, art, food, peace and alliterative qualities.

Welcome Milo, to our world.





This sounds fascinating.

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I kind of wish I were in London to check it out.

It’s a “play” about a fictional elderly architect couple in a museum, where visitors read the script while walking through a set. Pretty fascinating idea; one which allows your perceptions to interpret each aspect.

And as a far-away viewer, my first response is thus:
The architects I know would be seriously annoyed with how those frames are lined up in the photo for the exhibit.

More info on the exhibit here.


70 minutes.

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Watch it when you need a moment to calm. Or 70 minutes to calm. It’s a non-verbal documentary that I couldn’t take my eyes away. 

Simple. Real. Honest.

SAMSARA Theatrical Trailer from Baraka & Samsara on Vimeo.


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I have a dream journey in life.

It started by reading Sara Wheeler’s book Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica.

This is a phenomenal book, especially for anyone who thinks that travel is the best way to expand and enhance your perspective both internally and externally. To me, travel is both selfish and selfless – if I don’t learn something new about both myself and another person, it was a failed trip. I go in with a completely open mind.

Terra Incognita shows just that. It is a beautiful read, and teaches you something without leaving the comfort of your own chair. It made me want to go to Antarctica more than anything.

Yes, I know that it is a harsh environment. Yes, I know that it is a challenging experience to even just get down there. But that makes it even more enticing for me.

And reading the adventure and seeing the pictures of any individual just makes me want to go even more.

I highly recommend the National Geographic’s piece on an excursion there: A man decided he wanted to climb Queen Maud Land. It is because of people who challenge themselves that we gain an understanding of our world. And if you prefer not to read, just look at the gorgeous and amazing pictures.

Full circle.

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A while ago, I posted the video of Marina Abramovic’s video of her performance art piece, that was sharing one minute with a person, no words, no touching, just staring into each other’s eyes.

Jay-Z apparently liked it as well, and took it to where he needed to take it – adding music, and interacting with someone.

Interacting with someone through art is a powerful tool. These are both incredible examples of some of my favorite things.

Architecture and ethics.

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Wow. This is a fascinating piece, from both a design perspective, as well as a social wellness perspective. I completely recommend 99 percent invisible, but also this podcast in particular.

Prison architecture. Who knew?


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It’s been over a month. I’ve lapsed in posting to this blog, for which I apologize. But there’s a good reason. I am now eight months pregnant, and have been spending time just trying to get through a normal day without collapsing in pure exhaustion. Growing a brain takes a lot out of you. 

But I do have moments where motivation and energy strike. And speaking of growing brains, Science Friday originally posted this, but I highly recommend visiting the artist’s site for enjoyment and amazement. The juxtaposition of science + art is a favorite subject of mine, and this guy does it brilliantly.