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This made me laugh out loud.

Personality Socks

Socks for chairs. h/t designspray.



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This is a bit old, but I am constantly reminded that perception is really the driver in our lives, rather than reality. Often, it’s the only way I can understand someone – or try to, at least.

Book covers, while one should not judge by them, provide an incredible perception through visual and literary creative minds. When done well, it’s absolutely inspiring and motivating. Case in point:

Power or creation?

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I just watched the Valentino documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor. V was reduced to tears multiple times in it, and by the end, I was right with him. It wasn’t that I was all that amazed with his work – I can appreciate it, but it isn’t always my style – it was the passion with which he did everything, and how happy it made him.

I dislike the word passion. I believe it comes from my old boss, who hated it as well, and his justification made sense to me. It is just a label that is constantly used, but loses it’s meaning the instant it is used. And it is used incorrectly most of the time.

I realized that there are two different ways of approaching life – through creativity, or through power.

One of those works. One of those doesn’t. Fashion is the perfect example of trying to understand that concept, and Iris Apfel is one of my favorite subjects.



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So, I ran across this today:

And I really really liked it at first. But, it’s called a zen garden, and hot pink doesn’t really do zen for me so much. First thought, awesome. Second thought, evil. Perhaps that means it’s really good?

Oooooo. Fun.

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Such a fun new find: The Avant Garde Diaries.

Speaking of avant garde, the ads for McQueen are GORGEOUS. I honestly stopped and stared at the below one when I ran across it in Vanity Fair. It took my breath away. It is so simple, yet, so, so not simple.



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It’s interesting when you put the word “silence” into a visual search engine. I find it funny that silence is often referenced with words. The concept of tape over a mouth with a word written on it, or a person with one finger up to her or his mouth in a shushing motion.

If it isn’t an action, or a word, or words, it is a quiet, natural scene. Perhaps with snow, perhaps with fog, most likely with trees.

More frequently than I thought, silence has the emotion pain associated with it.

I kind of dig this one:


I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because it is so different than everything else out there, and in a world of constant connections, silence is the one thing we can’t get. And doesn’t opening a can of silence sound pleasant?

For me, visually, nature is wonderful, but it speaks volumes. People are distracting, and not representative of silence to me in any way. My visual meditation on silence is the following. I hope you enjoy.


door colors.

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We recently moved into a house, and are making it our own. . Our house is an old 1926 bungalow, with cream(ish) stucco and dusty blue trim. The outside is in dire need of some curb appeal. It’s not bad, but it’s just not us yet, as we are not country.

In an effort to make this a little more like us, a little more modern while still keeping to the age of the house, the concept of painting the front door came up. A red front door is the first step, but I refuse to do that, as I think red with the dirty white/cream and country blue would just take us further down the path of country. Jeff agrees, but doesn’t agree on painting it a different color, and thinks it should stay either the same or stain the wood. Which made me wonder why red doors were the norm.

It has been answered. And it is a good answer.  But I still refuse to paint it red. So the question now is: green, marigold, or stained wood? (none of these places match our colors – it’s cream stucco with blue, not gray, trim. But they give you an idea.)

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