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Courtesy of Uncles Tom and Lorenzo.

“Shoes, unlike children, should be seen.”


Archinature you can wear.

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MIRTA Jewelry

From a designer in Croatia, Mirta Handmade Jewelry.

h/t Design Milk.


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It is ridiculously difficult to capture the electricity and light and feeling of a prairie or farmland storm.

Growing up in Iowa, these are phenomenons that you both cherish and fear. Storms in plains are incredible. Purple Rain is a song that no one, except a Midwesterner, really truly understands.

Today, I ran across this image:

It is one of the few photographs that actually capture SOME of the senses associated with these storms. Head on over to the photographer, Franz Schumacher’s site, or for more.

This month.

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Has felt quite similar to this image…standing on the edge of a hot lava vortex of death, yet surrounded by cool serenity.

Journey to the Center of the Earth: An Incredible Glimpse Inside an Active Volcano volcanoes lava landscapes

I’m trying to keep the vortex of death away, but work is full of crazy deadlines. I’m looking forward to May 1, when I can completely drop off from three-plus deadlines a week. I just need to get through this week.

I do so enjoy slightly falling into the pit of fire, though. It keeps me alive.

h/t on the image: I recommend clicking through for more gorgeous, raw images of this life of ours.

Perhaps listen to the most relaxing song of all time while viewing.


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Ada Louise Huxtable. Look her up. She is brilliant.

I was a bit disappointed to pick up her book on Frank Lloyd Wright (prairie style holds a special place in my heart, growing up down the street from a Purcell/Elmslie house, and living in the Midwest.)  It turns out that she researched it, but did not write a chunk of it; instead preferring to reprint some of what others have written about his life. Nonetheless, her perspective on him is comprehensive and I appreciate how she integrates his life with his work.

But honestly, how can you go wrong with a woman who fiercely defends the recognition of how the built environment impacts our lives? Not just from the architect’s perspective, but the community as well.  This is the epitome of sustainability.

I recommend reading her, if you haven’t already. She put a voice to an inanimate perspective. 


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If I am ever in a position to do this, a main goal in my life is to rid the world of overhead flourescent lights.

“It was enough to have been a unicorn.”

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A quote, from Doc Vonnegut, Kurt’s father, according to Mark Vonnegut, Kurt’s son.

Seriously…how fascinating must it have been to be in that family?! I just want to be a fly on the wall.