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I love simple. I love inspired. I love clever. I love science and art mixed together.

Hence, I love this. h/t my modern met.

Here’s a sample:



nervous system.

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I don’t know how familiar anyone is about the company Nervous System. I discovered them a while ago, and I love it. I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t purchased it yet.

Now I see that they are doing more than just the bracelets and rings, and have forayed into home. Lighting and dishes. It’s so fun.


single cup

Or these lamps:

I love these. So much. h/t Design Milk.

i love moss.

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Really. Truly. Honestly.

And I love this.

Biophotovoltaics, BPV, Moss, Table, Green design, Green furniture, bio energy harvesting

Biophotovoltaics. Now, if only I could keep the kitties away from it…

h/t Inhabitat.


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Wow. Just wow. That is damn impressive.

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