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September 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Canlis is a restaurant in Seattle.

Let me rephrase. Canlis is THE restaurant in Seattle.

Seattle is full of amazing food. It took Jeff and I two years to find a place that even remotely came close to fantastic food here–that was also vegetarian. I’m sure there are lovely places to eat here, but for carnivores.

Canlis was a surprise. I received a gift card there from work, and Jeff and I used it on our fifth wedding anniversary. It was an experience, not just eating. The place is phenomenal. The building is tucked away, but right off a main thoroughfare. You walk through the door, and you feel both instantly at home and instantly that you are in a special place.

I will not even remotely try to describe the building, nor the incredible view. Suffice to say it is only something you can experience live, and the entire evening was orchestrated to perfection.

We had the vegetarian tasting menu. I cannot recall all of the dishes, aside from the saffron risotto. It was the pinnacle of deliciously simple that I’ve been trying to find ever since, but have yet to come close. Few chefs care about vegetarians, thinking we are less than deserving of a great meal, or that meat is really the only thing that makes a meal. Canlis does not subscribe to that.

Afterwards, we were given a tour of the facility. There is a rich family history that goes with it, and they are incredibly adept at both preservation and evolution.

Today, I discovered other people who were as enthralled as we were.

Check out herbavoracious for more. And if you’re in Seattle, please check out Canlis. It’s expensive, but so worth it.


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