This sounds fascinating.

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I kind of wish I were in London to check it out.

It’s a “play” about a fictional elderly architect couple in a museum, where visitors read the script while walking through a set. Pretty fascinating idea; one which allows your perceptions to interpret each aspect.

And as a far-away viewer, my first response is thus:
The architects I know would be seriously annoyed with how those frames are lined up in the photo for the exhibit.

More info on the exhibit here.



70 minutes.

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Watch it when you need a moment to calm. Or 70 minutes to calm. It’s a non-verbal documentary that I couldn’t take my eyes away. 

Simple. Real. Honest.

SAMSARA Theatrical Trailer from Baraka & Samsara on Vimeo.

Full circle.

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A while ago, I posted the video of Marina Abramovic’s video of her performance art piece, that was sharing one minute with a person, no words, no touching, just staring into each other’s eyes.

Jay-Z apparently liked it as well, and took it to where he needed to take it – adding music, and interacting with someone.

Interacting with someone through art is a powerful tool. These are both incredible examples of some of my favorite things.

A simple moment.

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A while ago, I was forced by my friend to take a Reiki class.

She knew I needed it. And she knew I couldn’t say no to her. And she knew I’d give up on it, and cancel last minute. So she made me sign a deposit check, and then stopped answering my calls, emails, and texts until after the workshop.

It was a two-day workshop, where I was attuned, and learned how to perform Reiki on myself. I won’t go into details, but suffice to say it was the moment I broke open. The purpose of the workshop was to take away all of the coping mechanisms and pay attention to yourself, and connect yourself to the greater world, and the light and energy around you. One of the exercises was to sit with a partner for five minutes, silently, and actively stare into the other’s eyes.

It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was also the best thing I’ve ever done, as is so often the case with difficult and best.

The first day, I did it and tried not to laugh. The second day, I did it, and bawled. I will never forget Adya, my partner, who’s energy was so loving, and so open, she broke my shield. She, just by looking at me, said so much, and I carry it all with me now.

I ran across this today, and I immediately felt all the emotions again. I’m sitting in a coffee shop, and tears are streaming down my face. It’s so beautiful. I highly recommend taking a moment, and watching this gorgeous, and short, video.

And read the story along with it.


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I love simple. I love inspired. I love clever. I love science and art mixed together.

Hence, I love this. h/t my modern met.

Here’s a sample:


Evolution of music.

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I am a fan of Beck.

To which anyone who knows me would immediately snort and say, “Fan? More like fanatic.” 

But I’m not a fanatic in the sense that I stalk people and my life revolves around them. More that I truly appreciate everything that person does, and will immediately purchase whatever they put out into the world.

I have a lot of memories with Beck – with my father, with my husband, with ex-boyfriends, with friends, with old jobs… I can tell you what was going on in my life based on which  one of his albums was out at the time.

He evolves with every album. It is very different, but uniquely different. Ranging from super raw, hard, nearly punk to symphonic and almost operatic to hip hop to pop…sometimes all in one song. Music is very personal to him, and that comes across easily to the listener.

Which is why his new album is both brilliant and odd. He is releasing it only as sheet music.

Song Reader is 20 new songs presented only as sheet music, in the hopes that enterprising musicians will record their own versions.” (NPR has the full article, and interview with Beck.)

I’m so intrigued. Which is why I love Beck to begin with.

Good things.

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Today has been a good day, for many reasons. First off, I slept last night for the first time in a while. It was glorious waking up refreshed rather than exhausted.

Breakfast at a local coffee joint, then this:

Purcell-Cutts House Living Room

That is the Purcell Cutts house (photo courtesy of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts). Living in Minneapolis, Prairie-School Architecture has a great meaning. Elmslie and Purcell were both here, and there is a rich history of buildings they provided the city – and state.

The Purcell Cutts house was designed by Purcell and Elmslie for Purcell. However, the Purcell’s only lived in it for a few years before selling it to the Cutts, who lived in it from 1919 to 1985, when it was gifted to the MIA. They kept everything original. Which is so rare.

The entire house is gorgeous. I felt instantly at home there, and could live there quite happily. Being in the city, and so close to your neighbors, but feeling nothing but privacy and a connection to nature is something the Prairie-School does best. I wish we could all live in a house like this.

The house is delightful, and if you’re ever in the Twin Cities, I recommend touring it. More photos here.

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