Narwhals and tapirs.

July 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today at breakfast, our waitress had a bunch of tattoos, many of which I would never have gotten, but I appreciated how she did it. They were either outlines or silhouettes. For a bee, the state of Minnesota (I seriously do NOT get why there are so many Minnesota tatts out there…) a dog, a cat, a unicorn, and many others, it at least didn’t look like crap. Case in point, the person sitting next to us had a giant color beaver with flowers covering her arm.

I like the silhouette form, because it is simple, and it would last longer than super detailed on skin. There are a few animals I would get as a tattoo in silhouette form:

Funny. I totally thought a tapir tattoo would be something that everyone would think awesome, but you can’t find any decent, non-cartooned outline drawing of a tapir.




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