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When I was tiny, my favorite toy in the whole wide world was Spirograph. Ok, so, when I was very tiny, it was the sit-n-spin. The spirograph was a little bit older, but still rather tiny.

It was an exercise in patience, creativity, engineering, design, and so much more. It took me forever to get an absolutely perfect one, where my pen didn’t bleed or skip, the gears lined up with smooth accuracy, and I was able to switch pens to make different colors multiple times. My parents STILL have that one cut out and hanging on our fridge downstairs.

While this isn’t the exact one I did, it is the exact design I did for that first perfect one.

Now, thanks to a fabulously simple design (made out of bamboo, too, instead of plastic) Rocking Frog just made me go back to that little me. I want this. Soooooo much.

Spiral Drawing Toy (Bamboo) FREE SHIPPING

h/t Inhabitat.


My second favorite place.

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Second only to libraries in the ranking of my favorite built spaces are train stations.

And once again, thanks to flavorwire and the fug girls, I can continue my conversation on architectural photos and the loveliness of places I will forever hold dear–even if I’ve never visited them.

I love traveling, and traveling in a train offers the best of it all. You don’t have to worry about traffic, you can sleep, or watch lazily out the window as beautiful scenery passes, or read a book. There is the rocking motion that will forever be a calming sensation, you can walk around whenever you need to instead of sitting couped up in one location for hours, or eat whenever you feel like it.

But most of all, it just feels different than going from point A to point B. The journey is part of the experience. And people watching is FANTASTIC.

Whether you are taking a train into work, or going on a vacation, it is very distinct, and the spaces reflect that. Terrifically tall, open spaces flooded with light that are warm, inviting and more personal, which is a difficult feat considering most materials used are stone.

While I’ve only personally experienced a couple of these, I have loved train stations all around the world. The energy, the light, the excitement. Oh, how I want to take a train now!



i love moss.

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Really. Truly. Honestly.

And I love this.

Biophotovoltaics, BPV, Moss, Table, Green design, Green furniture, bio energy harvesting

Biophotovoltaics. Now, if only I could keep the kitties away from it…

h/t Inhabitat.

Jackass has nothing on these guys.

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Stupidity captured at 2500 frames per second. Destruction is beautiful-and hilarious.

Oh, and listen with the sound. It makes it so much better.

h/t thisiscolossal

This one.

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I saw this post last week from the fug girls.  First off, you should read them. Religiously.

Secondly, I spent the next few days thinking about how to post this. I really wanted to, as it is right up my alley: Books, libraries, and amazing spaces. But because it was so perfectly representative of me, I wasn’t entirely sure how to write about them. Also, it is hard to pick one image to show.

Some of them are representative of places I love.

Some of them are just gorgeous to see, and take you to a place of beauty.

Some are so representative of place it makes me happy.

All of them are amazing. Books upon books upon books. Libraries are different all around the world, but the culture, real or imaginative, are what bring them alive.

Also, how the photo is taken can seriously help or hinder a place, and architecture photos are some of the hardest to take. The point of view is through the eyes of the architect, and paying attention to the angles and how they meet each other is important. Here is one that took my breath away, but I don’t think it was necessarily because of the design, although it is beautiful; instead I reacted to the photo.

A chance encounter.

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Nearly a year ago, I met someone who changed my life. She was part of a group that came to tour our company, and spend a day with us. She was from Israel. Every perception I had of Middle Eastern life was suddenly challenged. I knew her briefly – less than a full day of time spent together – but we both knew that we were friends. For me, it was an experience that I did not want to lose. She was going to be my friend. No matter the fact that we would most likely never see each other again, or talk much.

She is an artist, and recently moved from her small city to Tel Aviv. Today, I come across a Tel Aviv art fair. I hoped to see her name, but didn’t. That’s alright. It made me think of her, and it made me click on something I probably wouldn’t have clicked on otherwise. And I ran across this:

To be honest, I’m not sure what it says to me. I don’t know if it says anything. But I found it interesting – and I found it’s installation just as fascinating as anything.

‘Mass Und Macht 1’, by Signor Gi, shown at the Peila Foundation


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Wow. Just wow. That is damn impressive.

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