tears of laughter.

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So, I just happened around these architecture valentines. I’ve seen a lot of people making specific valentines, and some are pretty good, others are a little lame.

But there is one that I saw and laughed until tears came down my face. You have to be someone who has worked with architects or is an architect (specifically in the modern sector) to get this, but damn is it funny if you do get it.

Others are here.

Also, Love isn’t just for couples…everyone experiences some form of love. Whether you love your parrot, cat, husband, wife, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, shoes or whatever else…Happy Valentine’s Day.


perfect office space.

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This dude’s office space is in a sand box. It would not work at an office – the germs would be awful – and it would not work at home with kitties, but how awesome is this idea?

h/t inspirez

fashion is art.

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A while ago, I was watching Ugly Betty, which is a rather clever show, when she realizes that fashion is not frivolous but that it is a form of art. I really connected to that statement, and appreciated it. 

I love fashion as an art. When we were in Tokyo, the first day I was so overwhelmed with the shear volume of everything around me. It was explosive and loud, but I was also coming off two red-eye flights in two nights, and no shower. I couldn’t find myself in it. After a shower, we ventured back out, and I realized that everything was gorgeous. The fashion of watching people on the streets was entertaining; It was so artful, and personal, and interesting and told a story of each person. 

It is now fashion week, which many people may think is still frivolous. And on some level, it is. But it is a moveable art feast. And I turn to one of my favorites for showing it to us, Bill Cunningham. (Have you seen his documentary? If not, DO. It is so good.)

Bill has such a unique perspective, and I love watching to see what he comes up with. This man, who wears a uniform, and still takes rolls of film, has a better grasp on the art of fashion than nearly anyone. 

Check out his shape shift section. All black. All fascinating. 

Granted, I’m always a sucker for silhouettes. 

So, it’s been a while.

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Sorry about the delay in writing folks. In all honesty, it’s not that I haven’t had the time, it’s that I haven’t been inspired. I’ve spent a lot of the last month trying not to be sick, and feeling the winter blues.

This week, though, marked a really interesting article that is a bit personal to me. I used to work at Mahlum Architects in Seattle. I adored it. My entire perspective changed while working there, and it was because of the way my colleagues thought. I started to pay attention to what was around me, and how it was designed, and how it affected not just me, but others as well.

This week, on ArchDaily, the editor’s choice is an article by my friend and old colleague, Corrie Rosen. She is an educational architect by job, but also did some pro bono work with Mahlum on women’s shelters. This article compares how schools can be healing and safe places for students, and how it relates to shelters.

She doesn’t like the publicity for herself, but honestly, I can’t think of a better person to engage this conversation. She brought back my inspiration.

So, enjoy.

This Eight Things Domestic Violence Shelters Can Teach Us About School Design.

Oh, and I’ll add a photo from one of the school’s Mahlum has designed. They are gorgeous, and I would love for my future kids to attend any of these schools.

Photo of Rosa Parks Elementary School, by Benjamin Benschneider.

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