fashion is art.

February 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

A while ago, I was watching Ugly Betty, which is a rather clever show, when she realizes that fashion is not frivolous but that it is a form of art. I really connected to that statement, and appreciated it. 

I love fashion as an art. When we were in Tokyo, the first day I was so overwhelmed with the shear volume of everything around me. It was explosive and loud, but I was also coming off two red-eye flights in two nights, and no shower. I couldn’t find myself in it. After a shower, we ventured back out, and I realized that everything was gorgeous. The fashion of watching people on the streets was entertaining; It was so artful, and personal, and interesting and told a story of each person. 

It is now fashion week, which many people may think is still frivolous. And on some level, it is. But it is a moveable art feast. And I turn to one of my favorites for showing it to us, Bill Cunningham. (Have you seen his documentary? If not, DO. It is so good.)

Bill has such a unique perspective, and I love watching to see what he comes up with. This man, who wears a uniform, and still takes rolls of film, has a better grasp on the art of fashion than nearly anyone. 

Check out his shape shift section. All black. All fascinating. 

Granted, I’m always a sucker for silhouettes. 


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