May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Impact is a difficult concept.

My job is to measure it, which I find slightly difficult to do, mostly because impact is so nebulous. Sure, you can put numbers to it, but I find the more important piece of impact is not a number, it’s an action or a change of perspective, and that is ridiculously hard to put to a figure.

Adam Yauch died today. There will be much written about him, and there should be. But a lot written about him will be facts. The most eloquent eulogies will be non-verbal, through the lives of those who were forever altered by his mere existence and his fight not just for the right to party, but to ensure that everyone partied with him.

And those are significant examples of impact. Yet, many of us cannot articulate our depth of sorrow beyond “Oh, no. No no no. Goddamit. Seriously. Goddamit.” That was a tweet by Patton Oswalt, and frankly I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I can’t put into words how Adam Yauch affected me. He, and the Beastie Boys, were integral to my life in a number of ways. Memories keep flooding…and I hope they flood forever. He was a beautiful person who made a huge impact. Our world is so much better for having him in it, even though it was for too short of time.


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