A chance encounter.

April 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nearly a year ago, I met someone who changed my life. She was part of a group that came to tour our company, and spend a day with us. She was from Israel. Every perception I had of Middle Eastern life was suddenly challenged. I knew her briefly – less than a full day of time spent together – but we both knew that we were friends. For me, it was an experience that I did not want to lose. She was going to be my friend. No matter the fact that we would most likely never see each other again, or talk much.

She is an artist, and recently moved from her small city to Tel Aviv. Today, I come across a Tel Aviv art fair. I hoped to see her name, but didn’t. That’s alright. It made me think of her, and it made me click on something I probably wouldn’t have clicked on otherwise. And I ran across this:

To be honest, I’m not sure what it says to me. I don’t know if it says anything. But I found it interesting – and I found it’s installation just as fascinating as anything.

‘Mass Und Macht 1’, by Signor Gi, shown at the Peila Foundation



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