Oh, painted walls.

March 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have a serious problem turning my brain off at night, and when I was little, my parents found that telling me stories just got my brain going more.  Enter the Superlearning Relaxation tape. I listened to it constantly.  It put you through a series of relaxation exercises, and put me to sleep right around the one where you “start on the top floor of a seven-story building. The walls were painted a vivid red color.”

You walked down the bright red hallway to the top of an escalator and stepped on, gliding downwards on a completely secure and dependable escalator. (Yes, I am doing the exercise verbatim. That’s how much I listened to it.)  To skip to the end, you went through seven floors, gliding between each on the escalator, with each floor was a different color of the spectrum, and ended up on a violet floor. No matter what my brain was doing, I was always asleep by the violet floor.

Also, when I was a wee lass in Siouxland, during the winter months, my parents would walk the tunnel at St. Luke’s Hospital. The underground tunnel connected the really old part of the hospital to the main, newer hospital. You walked into a steel door on the side of the old brick building, entered a tunnel made of stone bricks painted yellow, and walked about 50 feet until you hit a white tunnel. Walking a bit further, you found yourself in the part of the tunnel with the walls painted in stripes of color. It was almost like the tape coming to life.

The tunnel no longer exists in that exact form, as the old building has been torn down, in true Sioux City style.

Cut to today, when I run across this:

Visitors Tunnel at the JVA/Prison in Düsseldorf by Markus Linnenbrink prisons painting murals interior design art

h/t to thisiscolossal.com. It’s a visitor’s tunnel at a prison in Germany.

It made me so happy. And relaxed.


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